CBC Neighbors/Dream Campaign Volunteer Application

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Membership Information

According to CBC Neighbors policy, all volunteers working within this ministry must sign a statement of faith and be active in a local church body. 

Character References

Please list two character references and their phone numbers. It's especially helpful if these people have observed you working with children, or have served with you in ministry in the past. We will give them a quick call to ask a few questions about your character and/or their observations of you in ministry settings (no family members, please).

Confidential Form

Your personal information and the answers to the questions below will only be viewed by the directors of CBC Neighbors, and will be in no way shared with any unauthorized persons.

The following questions have been designed so that we can help promote a safe, secure, and loving environment for children as well as the other volunteers and staff involved. 

If you would like to discuss any of these matters with a pastor or staff member, please check “I would like to discuss this” under the appropriate question(s).

Checking “Yes” to any of these questions will not necessarily make you ineligible for volunteering in the children’s ministry at Community Bible Church.

As it relates to abuse:

Many people have experienced abuse at the hands of others. Most victims of abuse abhor such behavior and are especially alert and sensitive to the need to provide a safe and caring environment for children. At the same time, residual effects may remain in some people’s lives, including a hesitancy to report suspected child abuse, which is why we ask this question.

Please answer ALL questions to the best of your knowledge and with honesty.


It is possible that your acceptance for volunteering with CBC Neighbors may be determined in whole or in part by Community Bible Church using data from a report supplied by backgroundchecks.com pursuant to Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You may be entitled to a copy of this report.

Applicant Consent: I understand and agree that backgroundchecks.com will verify all or part of the information I have given Community Bible Church. I understand that this verification may include any inquiry into criminal and civil records, as well as other public record information. I authorize the release of such information as may be necessary to verify the information I have provided. I release and hold harmless all liability any individual or entity requesting or supplying information with respect to my  application for volunteering at Community Bible Church.



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