Pre-Marital Counseling Application

The below application is for pre-marital biblical counseling. We ask that each person submit their own application. To do this, have one person complete the form, then hit "Add another person" at the bottom of the form to allow your fiance to complete it as well. Once your applications have been received, our Care Pastor, Craig Fennell, will contact you to schedule your first meeting.  Keep in mind that these details will help us better serve you by providing more of a "context" for who you are, where you came from, and the current trajectory of where you are going. This is so important in relationship because each one of us has a story, and nothing happens in isolation! 

Thank you!

Identification Data

Children: If either of you have children, please include the following information for each child--Name, Age, Sex, who they are living with, and custody details.


Personal Background

Health Information

Religious Background

General Questions


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